Never a dull moment with Milkshake Monkey

  • 22nd May 2022

Our director, David Dodds is accustomed to being filmed for television, talking about bats and bat conservation. Over the years he has appeared with Chris Packham, Bill Oddie and Lyndsey Chapman, but is now proud to have trumped them all. A forthcoming series of Milkshake Monkey's Amazing Adventures on Channel 5 will include a programme about bats, with David showing Monkey a live Noctule bat and explaining about how bats live their lives.

"Filming with Milkshake Monkey was a lot of fun and I was impressed with the skills and professionalism of the puppeteer - I soon forgot it was a puppet I was talking to. Making the content interesting and educational for a target audience of 5-year-olds was a little challenging, but it was good to have an opportunity to encourage a future generation understand why bats are so important."

The episode will be available on Channel 5 and My5 from August or September 2021 onwards.