Bats & larger developments

Bats & larger developments

Local authorities in Scotland are required to consider protected species, including bats in determining applications.  On larger development sites they must assess if the favourable conservation status of bats could be impacted and will require bat surveys to be carried out.

The planning authority need to know whether bats are roosting or hunting on the site, or using it as a commuting route, and if so, will they be impacted by the proposed work. In some cases an Ecological Impact Assessment may be required and bat surveys will also feed into that.

Depending on what is already present on the site the necessary work may include:

·       Stage 1 and 2 bat surveys of any buildings present.

·       Assessment of any trees present for the presence of roosting bats.

·       Climbed inspection of possible tree roosts.

·       Activity surveys to assess commuting and hunting by bats on site.

·       Monitoring, to assess species present on site and changes in activity.

·       Assessment of any structures on site for their potential to be used by hibernating bats

Whilst some of this work can be done at any time of year (and tree assessments are better done with no foliage present), much of this work must be done in the warmer months and may take several months to complete, so forward planning is essential.

We always advise clients to have an informal discussion with one of our bat specialists as early as possible in the life of a project, to ensure that seasonal survey work is included in the project plan. David Dodds Associates ecologists have many years experience of carrying out bat surveys at many different types of development site and we’re always happy to help with informal advice.

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