What is a Bat Survey?

If you are planning to build a new development, or renovating, converting or modifying an existing building, you may need to undertake a bat survey.

A bat survey will check for the presence of bats within the building or immediate vicinity (eg trees or outbuildings) and should be undertaken if there is a likelihood that bats are present. It is often needed to obtain planning consent.

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Planning Ahead with a Bat Survey

Bats are legally protected s and if you are planning works in existing buildings or new builds, consider that bats hibernate during winter periods and are highly active in the summer months, which is when professional ecologists are at their busiest.

If you are planning work that may require a bat survey it is highly advisable to reach out to us well in advance to allow us to plan your survey and help expedite your planning consent.

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Bats in buildings

Some handy hints to help you understand if you may have bats roosting in your property.

Posted under Bat Surveys by David Dodds

30th April 2022

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Should I worry about bats in my property?

Not really. Unlike other species like mice or rats, bats in the UK do very little damage to property. Occasionally a large colony may become a nuisance, due to noise or smell and help is available in Scotland from NatureScot (see below). Note that excluding a bat colony without a license from NatureScot is a criminal offence.

The Bat Conservation Trust is a great place to go for information about bat conservation and how you can get involved in helping to conserve these fascinating and threatened creatures.

Visit bats.org.uk

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If you have any questions about bats or other protected species, what to do about organising a survey or general information, we welcome your enquiry.
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Thank you for your help in doing the survey, and the speed of your response. Charlotte seemed very knowledgable. She was very helpful and happy to respond to our questions! Your report gave us all the answers we needed.

Chris Gunstone, Tyninghame Village Hall Committee, East Lothian